Solving confusion around food allergies and lifestyle diet choices.

We understand caterers' challenges and potential life threatening food allergy issues their customers face.

A futuristic food and health tech startup.

Futuristic vision with present day mission.

Our mission is to provide trusted food allergy, nutritional and lifestyle diet choices information.

Our futuristic technology empowers Caterers and their staff to build trust and help their customers make informed choices, leading to customer delight and loyalty.

Our Core Services

EatBot proudly presents its first acquisition Biteappy - an award winning UK's first allergy friendly restaurant finder app, launched in 2014.
Biteappy 2.0 is being upgraded from an allergy friendly restaurant finder to an innovative food allergy, nutritional and lifestyle diet info Menu Discovery Solution.

Ease of Use

Instead of bulky Allergen "info folder" or confusing charts, Biteappy provides clear filterable information.

Sorted Menu Information

Menu information can be easily searched, sorted and filtered based on allergen, nutritional and lifestyle diet choices.

Multi Channel Solution

Centralised information available for multiple channels like Caterer, its Staff and its customers.

Food Laws & Regulations

Be Compliant. Meet government laws & regulations around Food Allergies and intolerances.

Return of Investment

Save time and costs on staff training, management of menu, maintenance of allergen information.

Menu Discovery, More Customers

Let your menu do the talking to bring new customers and keep them coming Back!

EatBot Advantage

Menu Discovery Platform

EatBot is enabling Biteappy with futuristic solutions to go beyond finding an allergy friendly restaurant. It is making the Menu do the talking.

Brings more Transparency and Compliance

There is a proven need to solve trust issues around food allergies and intolerances information. EatBot empowers caterers to be transparent and compliant.

Futuristic Vision

With an eye on the future, EatBot since its inception is gearing towards an AI powered platform assisting hungry customers to make informed choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What problem is EatBot solving?

Food allergies and intolerances are on the rise with no one-stop solution available for allergy sufferers and lifestyle diet followers. EatBot brings the transparency and accessibility to this confusing information.

What is Menu Discovery Platform?

Today’s customer demands more information and choices. EatBot's menu discovery platform empowers caterers to provide detailed and filterable menu information to existing and prospective customers.

How does EatBot benefit a caterer?

By law, Caterers are required to inform customers about the allergen in their dishes. This information is often presented badly, leading to trust issues between staff and customers. EatBot menu discovery platform simplifies this information and helps caterers to be more customer-friendly and legally compliant.

Is EatBot solution affordable?

Definitely, a big Yes! We know Caterers face many challenges in remaining profitable and that's why our soultion is not only affordable but unique too.

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